in Original paper
Ito K, Ogawa Y, Yokota K, Matsumura S, Minamisawa T, Suga K, Shiba K, Kimura Y. Hirano-Iwata A, Takamura Y, Ogino T
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in Original paper
Tara Bahadur KC, Suga K, Isoshima T, Aigaki T, Ito Y, Shiba K, Uzawa T
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Biochem Biophys Res Commun 500: 283-287 (2018)
in Original paper
Kokubun K, Matsumura S, Yudasaka M, Iijima S, Shiba K
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in Original paper
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in Review
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in Review
Shiba K
Programmable Bio-surfaces for Biomedical Applications
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in Original paper
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in Patent
Hiroshi Matsui & Kiyotaka Shiba
United States Patent Application 20170233766
in Original paper
Iwai K, Minamisawa T, Suga K, Yajima Y, Shiba K
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in Original paper
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Bridging adhesion of a protein onto an inorganic surface using self-assembled dual functionalized spheres
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in Original paper
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in Original paper
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in Original paper
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in Original paper
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in Original paper
Hashimoto K, Yoshinari M, Matsuzaka K, Shiba K, Inoue T
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Dental Materials Journal 30(6): 935-940 (2011)
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in Original paper
Inoue I, Zheng B, Watanabe K, Ishikawa Y, Shiba K, Yasueda H, Uraoka Y, Yamashita I
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Chem Comm 47(47): 12649-12651 (2011)
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in Original paper
Matsumura S, Aoki I, Saga T, Shiba K
A tumor-environment-responsive nanocarrier that evolves its surface properties upon sensing matrix metalloproteinase-2 and initiates agglomeration to enhance T(2) relaxivity for magnetic resonance imaging
Mol Pharm 8(5): 1970-1974 (2011)
in Original paper
Ohara K, Zheng B, Uenuma M, Ishikawa Y, Shiba K, Yamashita I, Uraoka Y
Three-dimensional nanodot-type floating gate memory fabricated by bio-layer-by-layer method
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in Original paper
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in Original paper
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Nanotechnol 22: 065102 (8pp) (2011)
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